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Holistic Solutions to Your Financial Well Being - Since 1990


Often the higher your credit score is with (740 - 770 Lender Scores),  your buying power increases with faster approval times.

We have a unique firm, Credit iQ,   that can help you quickly obtain the Credit Scores You Deserve.

Mention Solid Source Realty when you book your appointment.

And receive a $300.00 Credit & Financial Fitness Coaching System for only $50.00  (This Includes your significant other).

Also included is a copy of a Mortgage Lenders credit report with REAL SCORES, a soft inquiry (will not drop your score).

Not the fake Credit Karma consumer scores.

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All The Tools We Can Offer   All In One Financial Solution Experts
Testimonials  Video's of Actual Clients
Credit Score Results Success Stories
Credit Score Calculator See how your FICO score affects home loans.
How to Maximize Your Credit Scores  Quick education guide.

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